Ward 8 at Mulleriyawa Hospital had been supported by St Andrew’s church in Colombo for two decades, but last year they needed extra funding to allow the women in the ward to have proper baths, showers and toilet facilities after the existing plumbing had passed its prime and was no longer functioning properly. 

This project aimed to refurbish these facilities and this has now been succesfully completed.

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The visiting team from St Andrew’s Scots Kirk
are thanked by the Nurse in Charge.      


The Presbytery’s 2016 Mission Project was “Beyond Crisis” – which helps refugees in Budapest, Hungary, in association with St. Columba’s Church. It’s run by the Kalunba Social Services Association, and aims to help refugee families to re-establish themselves, through housing, school integration, and vital psycho-social services. Rev. Aaron Stevens said “It’s miracle money that bridges the gap.”

"Go, then, to all peoples, everywhere… you will be witnesses for me to the ends of the earth."

Paris… Rome… Malta… Bermuda… Amsterdam… Fuengirola…  Lausanne… Geneva… Major tourist attractions, every one – even during the economic downturn.  And every one with a Church of Scotland.  So the Presbytery of Europe – yes, it includes Bermuda, we’re a broad church! – caters for Scots on holiday.  But then there’s Bochum… Turin… Lisbon… Regensburg… Rotterdam… Brussels… Gibraltar… Budapest… all at the heart of industrial, political, working Europe. And there’s Colombo, in the heart of strife-torn Sri Lanka (that broad church again!)

And it begins to become clear that this really isn’t about providing churches conveniently for Scots on holiday.  It never was.

“Let the children come to me…” The street children find a home - Freetown, Sierra Leone

Our ministry and mission reaches refugees, politicians and international business leaders alike, and covers those who live here, those who visit here by choice, and those whose choices have been taken from them. 

Our congregations are drawn from five continents, and from the widest range of Christian backgrounds. And our mission work stretches into Africa, Asia and the Americas.

We hope you find this short outline interesting. If it provides a focus for prayer, we would be grateful. If it stimulates further research into what we’re doing in Christ’s service, we would be encouraged. All the weblinks you need are here. And if it gets you personally involved in our work and worship, whether through practical support or participation, we look forward to welcoming you.


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